Education & Advocacy

We offer a range of education, training, & workshops to help individuals, families, or groups better understand:

  • Trauma & Resilience

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • The best community based strategies to support individuals impacted by community violence and adversity

Through our efforts, we strive to serve:

Communities of Practice

Consists of community members, educators, advocates, and healers. Communities of practice (CoP) focus on improving equity and trauma informed schools, juvenile justice system, community development/building and collaborative processes.

Advocacy Efforts

People who want to create a more connected, well, healing, and just community for their neighbors and families!

Education & Training

Open to anyone who is wants to utilize our resources or help in our mission in any way. We can specialize the learning activities based on the needs of the individual, family, group, or organization!

Trauma-Informed Learning Collaboratives

Community organizations who align with our values and would like to partner with us on events or other initiatives.