We need you!

"It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live."

-Dalai Lama

To support individuals and families that have been impacted by adversity and create just and well communities in which every feels safe, loved, and cared for, we must come together to do the work.

Whatever you're passionate about, know that we have a place for you!

Here are some of our available paid and unpaid opportunities:

  • Program Assistant/Apprentice: Currently a part-time position but can be full-time. Responsible for providing administrative and other forms of support to the Project Director and Community Liaison. They will also be available to assist with messaging and social marketing, as well as providing intake and administrative support for our community violence response team. Qualifications include having a bachelor’s level experience with strong organizational and written and verbal skills.

For the following positions we are looking for individuals from the following neighborhoods:

5th & Hill , Garden Hills, Holiday Park, Countrybrook, and the Douglass Park Areas

*And the Silver Vawter area in Urbana.

  • Neighborhood Wellness Connectors: (8–10 individuals) Part-time position: Trained neighborhood leaders to help educate their communities about COVID, mental wellness, trauma, and resilience a few hours a week. They will also be available to help their neighbors find resources and navigate the helping systems. Qualifications include living in the targeted communities/neighborhood zones; organizing, planning, and leadership skills; and a desire to help.

  • Community Responders: (4-6 individuals) Part-time position: Responsible for working directly in the community to disrupt the cycle of violence, advocate for peace, mentor youth/young adults, while providing outreach to the community, building relationships with people most involved in violence, and helping diffuse conflicts. They will use restorative practices. Qualifications include having strong relationships with the communities they serve and experience with conflict mediation and complete training.

  • Mental Health Supporters – ‘Hear 4 U’ contractual works (6–8 individuals): Trained helpers responsible for providing non-traditional mental health support, psychological first aid, trauma focus supports, and links to care supports when needed. They will be trained in psychological recovery, and qualifications include an understanding of mental health, and experience working with youth/youth adults and/or diverse populations.

  • Peer Ambassador/Peer Leaders: (6-8 individuals) Youth (14–19) who provide educational, mental wellness, and peer-to-peer support a few hours a week. They will also be educated about COVID, mental health, and trauma. They will work on projects and advocacy efforts to make their communities better. Qualifications: must live in one of the neighborhood zones, have leadership skills and abilities, and be empathetic.

  • Wisdom Leaders (6-8 individuals) : Adults over 55 who will provide a few hours of peer-to-peer emotional support, education, and community advocacy. They will also be trained to provide COVID education. Qualifications include being aged 55+, living in the targeted neighborhood zones, possessing leadership skills and abilities, and a desire to make a difference.

  • Support 4 U/ CU Neighborhood Champions: Individuals who are trained to help and support individuals and families who have been impacted by gun violence. These supporters will help individuals in need find resources to address their immediate needs, connect people to care, provide emotional support, and assist with coordinating wraparound supports. Requires caring and compassionate individuals who are available evenings and weekends, and who are aware of community resources.

  • Interns*: Mental Health/Clinical Focus, Social Work, Community/Public Health & Outreach, Social Media & Marketing, Data Assessment & Research, and more!


No matter what age you are, what interests you may have, or what skillsets you come with, as long as you care about creating well and healing communities then we need you!


If you are looking for other ways to connect, give back, or support your community, we also have tons of volunteer opportunities available. You can fill out our volunteer form here!

We will provide you will all the training, resources, and ongoing support you need to thrive. We just ask that you come with an open and compassionate heart and mind!

"All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law."

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