We have partnered with many organizations over the years, and are always looking to expand our network. We are always willing to educate more of our community about Trauma-Informed Care, and we would love to learn about all that other organizations have to offer as well! Here is a list of ways to work with us, as well as some of our past partners.

Learning Collaborative Partnerships

In 2020, we have partnered with Don Moyer’s Boys & Girls Club, Crisis Nursery, Refugee Center, Rape Advocacy Counseling and Education Services (RACES), and Rosecrance in our Learning Collaborative initiatives.

Family Engagement Activities & Supports

We often partner with Youth & Family Peer Support Alliance (Rantoul) to come up with events catered towards local families!


We have had organizations and/or representatives join us for the show that we host on UPTV! We have previously had Crisis Nursery, Rattle the Stars, Bethel A.M.E. Champaign, and Courage Connections join us. You can view our content in this YouTube Playlist.

Sharing Resources & Support

Our organization has previously offered 'Hear 4 U' support to members of organizations within our local community, and are more than willing to do the same for others who could use our help.

Family Fun Day Coordinated by TRI Working Group 2019

TRI Learning Collaborative with RACES