At the CU Trauma Resilience Initiative, we have a variety of volunteering opportunities available! No matter what you may be passionate about, we have a position for you.

If you are...

  • A medical professional, we have positions as a part of our Care 4 U and Hear 4 U programs.

  • A young adult or youth that wishes to spread our teachings, we have a Peer Ambassador program for positive outreach and social media initiatives.

  • Any member of the community that supports our mission, then we have tech, event planning, outreach, and more opportunities available for you!

No matter what age you are, what interests you may have, or what skillsets you come with, as long as you care about creating well and healing communities then we encourage you to sign up to volunteer with us!

You can fill out our volunteer form below (also linked here) and let us know your preferences! We appreciate any help that you are willing to offer.