About Us

The Mission of the Trauma & Resilience Initiative

Our organization aims to create equitable, just and loving communities in which every person is cared for, connected, supported, and well. We believe that this can be done through advocating for trauma informed, just, and equitable policies, practices, and procedures; in addition to providing communities with the knowledge and tools they need to understand trauma and resilience so they can respond to people's needs in a culturally response, strength-based, and trauma informed way.

We hope to build on our current model so it can be replicated throughout other communities to ensure that everyone is emotionally, mentally, and physically well, supported, and connected.

Our current focus:

  • Educating and training individuals, families, organizations, groups and communities to increase the understanding of trauma, trauma informed care, resiliency, recovery, wellness and justice informed practices & principles.

  • Increasing the support options that increase the capacity of communities to take care of their of their own and work to ensure that communities have community based, trauma informed, and culturally responsive neighborhood based tools, resources, services and supports

  • Striving to impact community violence by supporting survivors, those impacted by community violence, and advocating for justice informed practices and activity working with stakeholders and leaders to address adverse community experiences and promote building resilience communities